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The PlayStation 5 was launched last November in 2020, and the company has sold over 10 million consoles since it launched. We recently found out the PlayStation 5 is the fastest-selling console from Sony. Today, we finally hear some news about the upcoming next generation of PlayStation 5 VR headset and its features.

Sony has shown off the next-generation controllers for the PlayStation 5 VR earlier this year. Several rumors and reports claimed that the VR headset would have eye-tracking, haptic feedback, and a very high, 4K resolution display built-in (via XDA Developers).

There are reports of a private conference that Sony held recently to showcase the VR headset to developers and talk specifications to get them prepared. A video by PSVR Without Parole has posted a video revealing some of the details and specifications that were shared at the conference.

The second generation of PlayStation 5 VR Headset will reportedly feature a display resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, 4000 x 2040 pixels when combined. The display is also said to be an OLED panel and supports HDR content. The FoV will be 110-degrees. The codename is said to be NGVR, which stands for “Next-Generation VR,” the final name of the headset is currently undecided, so that we may hear it under different names in the coming months. The VR headset is also expected to feature eye-tracking support.


The next generation controller will reportedly have a touch-capacitive sensor for fingers to determine the exact position it is held in. It’s not surprising, but there are also rumors of Sony working on getting some AAA titles to work with the headset. This would certainly make it a unique selling point with a few popular games and titles.

The PS5 VR headset is expected to launch sometime next year, although we have no information about when exactly we should expect it to launch. Some rumors say the second half of 2022. The launch date could still change at any time.

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