Sony PlayStation 5 consoles and controller featured

Sony has passed yet another milestone with its iconic and ever-so-popular PlayStation 5 console series. The company has now revealed that it has sold more than 10 million PlayStation 5 consoles since it launched in November 2020.

The announcement was posted by Sony Interactive Entertainment (via TheVerge), who revealed the milestone achievement. It’s Sony’s fastest-selling console yet. It seems like the PS5 is so great that it has outsold and beat the previous record that was held by the PlayStation 4 series for a long time.

The PS5 may be selling well; it doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues. Many users are still struggling to get their hands on the latest generation of Sony consoles due to supply and shortage issues that span across the entire industry. There are also a lot of scalpers who buy these consoles and try to flip them at 1.5x-3x the price, driving the price of the console sky high as a result.

“While PS5 has reached more households faster than any of our previous consoles, we still have a lot of work ahead of us as demand for PS5 continues to outstrip supply,” says Jim Ryan, President, and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. “I want gamers to know that while we continue to face unique challenges throughout the world that affect our industry and many others, improving inventory levels remains a top priority for SIE.”

Microsoft, on the other hand, doesn’t reveal any Xbox sales numbers, although the company has said during the company’s earnings call yesterday that “The Xbox Series S and X are our fastest selling consoles ever, with more consoles sold life-to-date than any previous generation.”

Hopefully, more of the latest generation of consoles will reach more users as the industry-wide shortage resolves itself in the coming months, although recent estimates say that it may last until the first or second half of next year.

    PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller

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