Android L (whatever that ends up meaning) will be here soon, and with it, Google will be bringing its new Material Design look to its apps. Back in July, we took a look at some leaked Play Store imagery that differed slightly from the early preview we got at Google I/O, observing how Google was continuing to refine this design language as it prepared for a public release. Today, we’ve got even more Play Store 5.0 leaks to check out, further emphasizing the Material Design future in store for us.

How does this upcoming Play Store differ from the current look? Color plays a large role in this build, and some menus that previously showed their text against a neutral background are now saturated with color. Even the choice of colors is getting tweaked, and while Google’s keeping the same general tones to identify apps, movies, music, and the rest of its media, the shades themselves are tweaked – some lighter, some darker.

Plain-text pages are jazzed-up with new graphics, helping to keep users engaged, a move Google continues with the addition of some animated icon transitions.

And remember that leak from over the summer about possible backup and restore services? The presence of new text strings in this Play Store APK sure seem to hint at just that kind of functionality.

Source: Android Police

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