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Play Store, App Store continue with download-revenue gap

By Jules Wang April 20, 2016, 7:37 pm

Google and Apple are doubling up on each other, at least according to App Annie. The app data intelligence firm has released data for app downloads and revenue it compiled over the past quarter and it shows some trends continuing on from when we last picked them up.


The good news overall? Both downloads and revenues are on the rise for both platforms, but the Play Store still leads in downloads by 100 percent while the App Store gets 90 percent more revenue. India had the best annual download improvement for Google while on the Apple side, it was China. Meantime, Chinese iOS revenue went up by 120 percent year-over-year with gaming revenue itself up closer to 150 percent — both figures good enough to grab Japan’s overall second place spot, just behind the US, and best revenue growth on the App Store. The States, by the way, showed best revenue growth for the Play Store.


The top streaming media app for iOS is Netflix, available in both the US and China. US-only apps take number two and three while numbers four and five are China-based services.

Excluding games, the most downloads by category on the Play Store were for Tools and Communication apps. iOS saw Photo and Video and Entertainment as tops in downloads, but Social Networking and Music were best for the pocketbook. Communication and Social apps generated the best revenue for Google.

Lenovo has said that it would like to be the manufacturer to bring the Google Play Store back to China, but until that happens and if it does, it seems that Alphabet will have to lose out on mobile over there.

Source: App Annie
Via: PhoneArena

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