You ever have a friend tell you about a great deal they found online, but when you go to check the listing for yourself, you see a different price? Retailers have been experimenting with dynamic pricing for years, where instead of offering the same products at the same prices for everyone, they’ll vary things based on your location, purchase history, or other metrics – even your choice of OS or browser. We’re not talking different prices for shoppers in different countries, either – someone just down the road from you could see a different Amazon price for a Blu-ray disc than you do. Now that same sort of variation could be coming to app pricing, as new a Play Store dev feature gets rumored.

On its surface, this sounds like good news: Google is rumored to soon allow developers to experiment with different Play Store listings, seeing if different screen shots or app descriptions resonate better with shoppers. They’d be able to try several styles concurrently, and analyze sales data to see what works.

But those options could also extend to pricing, and while devs are already free to change Play Store pricing as they please, making it so easy to mix things up might come off as unfair: should you have to pay more for an app than your friend just so a developer can get pricing feedback?

We may be jumping the gun here, as none of this is official, and maybe Google has a smart way to make the whole thing seem fair to everyone involved. If today’s report is accurate, that formal announcement of the feature could arrive at Google I/O later this month.

Source: The Information
Via: Engadget

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