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Google Play Store may be getting Play Points loyalty program

By Anton D. Nagy September 6, 2018, 5:00 am
Play Points

The folks over at 9to5google and XDA-Developers have been decompiling APKs and looking for hints that might reveal future possible features. These lines of code inside the APKs could very well be an early indication of things to come. However, they don’t guarantee that the features hinted in the code will ever become mainstream. So, for now, keep a tad skeptical, as exciting as the below may sound.

Google might be working on a Play Points loyalty program for the Google Play Store. According to the report, the string “Introducing Google Play Points” first appeared in version 11.5, and later 11.6, of the Play Store app. Interpreting the lines of the code, the report claims that this reward program will be an opt-in one.


Once signed-up for the Play Points this loyalty program, users will be able to earn points with their purchases. The opt-in has to be explicit and rewards will be handed out only after joining. The icon for the service can be seen above, as the tited colored squared. The report claims that, according to the current phrasing used, points will be handed out for purchasing music, movies, TV shows, and books as well, not just Android apps.

As per the exchange rate used for the Play Points, it will probably vary from country to country. A string, however, details how it will work in Japan, with ¥100 spent on purchasing content or apps earning the user one point.

The system will feature “levels”. “With each increase in rank incurring undetermined “Level Benefits.” There are five Play Points levels marked by a different medal, while a “Points History” section will help users keep track of their progress“, says the report. Check out the level icons below, and head over to the source link for more coverage.

Play Points


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