The Android Market is saturated with emulators that allow users to relive their glory days of gaming. Whether it’s NES, SNES, Genesis, GameBoy, or PlayStation, there seems to be an emulator available to meet those needs. Well, now you can add Nintendo 64 to that list, as famed developer yongzh, creator of GameBoid, SNEsoid, Nesoid, and Gensoid, has unleashed his latest emulator to the Android Market.

With N64oid, users can play Nintendo 64 ROMs at a respectable framerate on “high-end” Android handsets. In some cases, games can run perfectly at full speed, even with sound enabled. The emulator features an on-screen control pad, accelerometer support, the ability to map keys, save/load states, and more. If you’re interested, head to the Android Market and grab N64oid for $5.99. Just make sure you actually own the games, you know, for legal purposes.

Source: Android Market

Via: Android Police

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