Plants vs. Zombies in the Android Market (At Last)

Plants vs. Zombies is arguably one of the best apps to help your kids prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Unlike zombie apps for grown-ups which teach defensive techniques using various weapons, Plants vs. Zombies teaches about barriers and strategy for avoiding direct confrontations with the undead.

Unfortunately, Plants vs. Zombies hasn’t been available through the Android Market, only through the Amazon Appstore (which has a significantly smaller reach).

According to a post on their blog, Popcap had the following to say:

“… we agree with you: It’s about time already! Sheesh! The games aren’t there quite yet, but will be later this week. We promise! We’re not trolling or rickrolling you!”


Plants vs. Zombies costs US$2.99 and is available now in the Android Market.

Source: Popcap

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