The Pixelbook and other Chromebooks might get the Google Camera app

One of the best camera apps available for smartphones is the Google Camera app. This app allows the Pixel devices to capture great pictures and video, and we might be seeing it arrive to other devices like the Pixelbook and other Chromebooks to improve their cameras performance.

The idea of installing the Google Camera app to improve the picture and video quality of a laptop is something that’s been floating around many people’s heads. It doesn’t matter how good the lens of a laptop is, it usually lacks the quality that we desire when it comes to taking pictures. This issue would be solved by implementing this solution and it seems that it’s only a matter of time. The Google Camera app’s icon has already appeared on the Pixelbook after an update. The second icon does nothing at the moment, but it’s almost certain that these laptops will get the software required to have a great camera very soon.

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