Pixelbook “AltOS” scheme could bring Windows as an option

It’s not a surprise that Google is testing alternative software on the Pixelbook. It’s the first real PC-like form factor that the company can call its own Intel-based test bed. But whether the internally-brewing Fuchsia OS comes to fruition on the Pixelbook and elsewhere, one thing we’d be really interested to see is Windows 10 on the Pixelbook.

The r/ChromeOS subreddit has been lit up with mentions of “AltOS” in the Chromium gerrit. Specifically with regards to the Pixelbook, where most of the work is being done for now, there’s work being done on an interface to “pick out” an alternate operating system to use and have Chrome OS shut down before the device boots into a USB or disk-based image.

One code reviewer mentions that they had rearranged words in a picker-relevant prompt in a directory called “go/vboot-windows” and that’s what has everyone’s arms in the air.

It’s a tenuous link as to whether the Pixelbook will ever officially and easily run Windows 10, but it’s one to give a thought about, especially as Google I/O is coming upon us.

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