The second-generation Google Pixel devices have already been tipped to be aesthetically derivative from their current contemporaries. We now have a good idea to what degree the larger of the two devices, what we’re calling the Pixel XL2, will take.

The artistry isn’t exact, but what Android Police has compiled for a computer-aided design render could end up looking close to what the phone, codenamed “taimen,” looks like. Whatever its market name actually ends up being, the information that has been contributed to this picture comes from several “extremely reliable” sources, but may not represent a finalized design, managing editor David Ruddock writes in an accompanying post.

At rear, the general motif has been carried over from the original Pixel XL: a matte metal surface for most of the rear and an enclosed glass portion at top. Both independently slope at the edges of the device to meet the front’s “3D” glass material that covers the new 6-inch, 2:1 AMOLED screen, sourced from LG Display. That display, positioned flat on the device, will have rounded corners and will be met with significantly reduced side bezels and somewhat reduced top and bottom bezels.

The plastic banding at the bottom of the rear is gone, but there is still possibility for some plastic outlays in the design for antenna reception purposes. Next to the front-facing camera at the top of the front side is a speaker grille. The fingerprint sensor is placed in the metal section of the rear, not the glass as was the case on the Pixel XL. It is not clear if the large camera lens near the top signals a protrusion from the back.

While the rumor mill has chips on the headphone jack being omitted on this device, there’s no mention of its status from Android Police. Water resistance is another omission on this table of speculative factoids. What will be included, though, is a squeeze-based user interface much as demonstrated on HTC’s U11 with Edge Sense — the Taiwanese manufacturer is said to be designing the Pixel 2.

Taimen’s design will probably not be mimicked with the main Pixel model, “walleye”.

“In regard to the smaller Pixel, I tend to think it’ll be largely unchanged versus the current Pixel,” Ruddock goes on, “with the new ‘XL’ representing the cutting edge of Google’s engineering and design efforts, while the smaller device will act as a sort of entry-level option.”


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