Google “ran out of time” in making Pixel waterproof

There’s a narrative that’s been developing in the mobile tech cognoscenti about why we see the Google Pixel as the product we have today. Why is it so damn expensive? Why did the Nexus branding have to go away? And, quite importantly, why isn’t there expanded water resistance?

Simply put, Google “ran out of time.” That’s according to WIRED‘s Davbid Pierce (sorry for the typo, David!) on the Gadget Lab Podcast in a discussion about what decisions led to things being the way they were on Google’s revised smartphone effort.

“There apparently had been this plan for a long time,” Pierce said, “and then at the end of 2015, they blew it all up and started over.”

Analysts have been pointing to that “blow up” as the end of the Nexus project for 2016 because it was determined that the 2015 Nexus devices didn’t perform in sales to Google’s expectations. That 2016 Nexus device might have had waterproofing before the whole kaboodle got scrapped.

To come from square one to launch day in just over nine months is outrageously tight for any major consumer hardware project like this, but the revised framing and branding of the phone may lead to a positive payoff in the end.

Of course, we emphasize that the hardware has to carry that framing and branding in the first place and many review outlets thought that it hit more good notes than bad.

Source: Soundcloud (32:23)
Via: PhoneArena

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