Google is at least testing a ‘restart’ option for Pixel phones with Android 7.1

Many Android aficionados accustomed with third-party skins and forks may not have even been aware of this, but their beloved OS still inexplicably lacks a mundane direct reboot command in its stock implementation.

That’s right, Nexus users can only switch off their devices from the power menu, needing then to manually restart like barbarians. It’s always been that way, despite desperate pleas to Google to make a small but meaningful vanilla Android change.

Well, everybody’s wish might finally be granted when the search giant reboots (wink, wink) its own-brand mobile product roster next month, with a tipster described as “reliable” by the routinely well-informed guys over at Android Police providing a revealing snapshot of one of the upcoming Pixels.

Unfortunately, it’s not that kind of a leaked device pic. All it shows is the purported power option list of Android 7.1 Nougat, aka the first maintenance release, on a presumably advanced Pixel or Pixel XL prototype.

In addition to the customary “Power off” button, there’s now one for a quick “Restart”, which is what we’ve been waiting to see since forever. Hopefully, this isn’t some sort of experimental feature Google will ultimately remove from 7.1’s commercial incarnation.

Source: Android Police

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