Pixel phones are officially guaranteed updates for two years, no 128GB XL in Verizon stores

Today is the official launch day of the “Made by Google” Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, although that doesn’t mean much for folks looking to get either model (particularly the jumbo-sized one) from the search giant’s own e-store.

If a locked bootloader and minimal, easy to uninstall carrier bloatware aren’t major deal-breakers, you could always head over to Verizon, both on and offline. But be warned, Big Red has also exhausted its “initial inventory” of the 128GB Pixel XL, and the hoarder-friendly 5.5-incher isn’t available in physical stores, so don’t even bother.

All the other configurations are apparently in stock, though early demand is characterized as “huge”, which is why you’re asked to “get to Verizon early” this morning if you want to nab a high-end Nexus replacement ASAP.

Speaking of Nexuses, Pixels have finally been confirmed to follow their stock Android-powered predecessors’ software update model, with guarantees of “version updates” valid for two whole years, until October 2018, and security patches promised “for at least 3 years from when the devices first became available, or at least 18 months from when the Google Store last sold them, whichever is longer.”

Bottom line, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL will surely be able to jump to Android O next year, as well as build P in 2018. A major OS promotion beyond that is of course still possible, but not yet guaranteed.

Sources: Twitter, Verizon, Google Support

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