Pixel C now at Google Store starting at $499

We’ve been on-and-off on what this Pixel C tablet has been about. For Google, the Chromebook Pixel-offshoot represents several things: its first original manufacturing push, its psuedo-Nexus tablet entry for 2015 — a convertible one at that — and its developer showcase for what Android can do on large canvasses. Whatever went into this tablet, we’re all now about to witness it.

The Google Store now has the 32GB variant Pixel C up for sale starting at $499. The 64GB version costs $100 more. A standard keyboard attachment and a folio keyboard are selling for $150 each.

The all-aluminium body houses a 10.2-inch display with an aspect ratio similar to A4 paper and resolution of 2560 x 1800 for an effective pixel density of 308ppi. The display also shines bright at a maximum output of 500 nits. There’s an NVIDIA Tegra X1 chipset and a Maxwell GPU along with 3GB of RAM running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, not Chrome OS as was the case with the Chromebook Pixel.

Software updates are being promised every six weeks, so Google’s hope is that while Marshmallow isn’t tablet-optimized just yet, it soon will be.

The Pixel C attaches to its Bluetooth keyboard(s) through magnets — without a kickstand — and wirelessly charges the keyboard while connected.

As of this post, shipments are promised to go out no later than two business days after order confirmation, so if you plan on getting someone a tablet for the holidays, you’ve got just a little bit of time.

Source: Google

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