Pixel C discount for developers looking for Android N tinkering

When manufacturers churn up specific models of their devices for developers to tinker with, — by the way, that seems a bit long ago — the latter end up paying like the rest of us, if not a little bit more. If anything, these people should be getting some slack cut off them. They are the ones making the apps we might want to use.

So, Google, makers of reference devices all the world around, has decided that that slack should be cut. For a short time, it’s giving devs one-use promo codes good for a quarter off a Pixel C if they sign up for the Pixel team’s newsletter (they say updates, but come on, it’s a newsletter). Devs will be free to test some preview images of Android N — “including the new split-screen feature.”

The 32GB Pixel C drops down to $375 while the 64GB version would be $450. Unfortunately, a keyboard for that tablet from the Google Store’s still $149. And we’re not sure if Google will end up vetting entries into its system.

Source: Google
Via: TechnoBuffalo

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