75 percent Pixel users are Android Pie early adopters

It is a known fact that iPhone users are embracing new version of iOS faster than Android users. It is also a known fact that the update process is more complicated with several manufacturers and models involved, than for example in Apple’s case. Throw in some carriers and the process can be extremely slow. However, there are early adopters in the Android world as well. There would probably be more if new Android builds would be pushed out by manufacturers and/or carriers faster.

In a way, Google is having an Apple moment when it comes to updating Pixel devices to the latest versions of Android. Rick Osterloh, SVP of Hardware at Google, revealed the information on Twitter. It looks like more than 75 percent of Pixel owners are already using Android Pie, the latest Google OS. More and more users are updating daily. That is mostly due to the fact that Google keeps Pixel phones close to its chest, and the entire logistic is a fast one.

Compared to the adoption of iOS 12, which is close to 55%, Google and its Pixel phones are way ahead. However, there are many more iOS devices out there than Pixel phones. At the end of the day, whether Apple or Google, it shows that when a company controls both hardware and software, the experience is a positive one.

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