Pixel 4 XL

As we put the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ behind us, we turn our attention to the other upcoming smartphone announcements. Google is set to unveil its Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL models in October, and, while there are plenty of things we know about them thanks to earlier leaks and reports, there are still some blanks that need to be filled in.

According to a recent report, the smaller Pixel 4 will have a 5.7-inch display, while the Pixel 4 XL will feature a 6.3-inch panel. They will both be OLED displays, with the Pixel 4 operating in FHD+ resolution, while the Pixel 4 XL is taking it all the way to QHD+. The report mentions that the phones will feature what Google calls “Smooth Display”, as the screen refresh rate for both devices will be standard at 90Hz.

In the camera department, the report reiterates the dual-camera setup consisting of a main 12MP shooter and a 16MP telephoto lens. A DSL-R attachment could be in development which could become an official accessory for the phones. Details about it are scarce, but the Lumia 1020’s camera grip comes to mind featuring a shutter button, camera controls, as well as an embedded battery inside the grip.

Other specs include Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB of RAM, 64GB and 128GB storage options, gesture controls thanks to the Soli chip, and a 2,800mAh, and 3,700mAh battery, respectively.

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