Pixel 3 XL
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Looks like nobody can stop the Pixel 3 XL leaks. At this point, it doesn’t even matter anymore. After recently seeing leaked renders and wallpapers of the upcoming Google phone, yesterday brought us a set of leaked videos. Today, however, we’re looking at something different. It’s a video from Russia which is basically a Pixel 3 XL hands-on clip, with a real device, in real-life.

Throughout the video, you can see it side-by-side with a black Google Pixel 2 XL. This confirms that the physical dimensions of the two are almost identical, despite the Pixel 3 XL having a larger screen.

We encourage you to watch the video (it has subtitles) as it reveals the phone in its entirety, from every angle. Google is set to announce the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL in a little over a week, at an October 9 special event. We will bring you all the details, of course, and everything between now and then that’s worth mentioning.

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