We’re trying hard to keep up with all the Pixel 3 bugs that were reported over the past couple of weeks and months. Some of these include text messages disappearing, memory management, and disappearing photos, to name a few. Then there’s the distorted sound and multiple notches issues in the case of the XL. Google is aware of most, if not all of these, and working on fixing them, but another Pixel 3 bug has been discovered. This time it seems to simply disable the phone’s camera.

This can manifest itself in different ways, but the outcome is always the same: the inability to use the camera. Sometimes firing up the camera app results in a “fatal error” message. Other times turning on the camera generates a “can’t connect to camera” message in a third party app, followed by inability to access the camera moving forward.

Often times this can be fixed by simply rebooting the phone. However, in some cases, users report that the issue is there even after a Factory Reset or a Safe Mode boot. One theory on why this happens is that the camera app is not properly “releasing” the camera after use, so when a subsequent launch of the camera happens, the app believes the camera is still in use.

Some users have reported that their devices were not replaced because of this issue. Engadget reports that Google representatives “haven’t made it clear as to whether or not there will be a fix”. This could be a deal breaker for many, as the camera is one of the main selling points of the Pixel 3. Not to mention that not being able to use the camera on any phone is rather frustrating.

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