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Pixel 2 Real Audio Review: Let’s talk about headphone dongles… (Video)

By Jules Wang October 23, 2017, 7:19 pm

Intersecting the Apple-Google divide with the headphone jack debate is not a good idea.

We took a simple observation about the wide compatibility of the Pixel 2’s USB-C to headphone jack adapter as a positive — we could use it on a MacBook, no problem. Absolutists, however, lambasted any praise of a dongle in response. And while we would agree on most days, we work with what we get and we’ve gotten more than we expected.

Sorta like how we were surprised how good the dongle itself actually is. You could give or take the actual quality of the Pixel 2’s audio output through speakers or through that dongle. But there’s at least one takeaway we want you to grab in this video and Juan Carlos Bagnell has it in our Real Audio Review on the Pixel 2.

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