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How to Customize your Android with “Pimp My ROM” (Video)

By Joe Levi October 8, 2012, 10:45 am

Pimp My ROM is not a custom ROM, rather, it's an installer-based script that let's you quickly and easily pick from dozens and dozens of tweaks, mods, apps, themes, and various features — which it then adds to your current ROM.

Before you get started you need to have a custom recovery image (Clockwork Mod is my favorite) and an unlocked bootloader, but other than that you can apply these "pimps" to virtually any ROM.

To get started, download Pimp My ROM from XDA Developers and copy it to your device. Reboot into recovery, backup your current ROM, and flash Pimp My ROM . After that you'll be met with an easy, and very nice looking UI to walk you through all the cool things you want to apply. Once it's done you'll get an epic "checking" message: " Pimp My ROM is checking to see if all the pimpin' went right". After that, just reboot! Instead of finding and applying all these tweaks separately, this one script takes care of all of them for you!


Check out what's included after the break. To see how it's all done and all the possible "pimps", press play!

Init.d Scripts:

  • Faster internet browsing
  • Better Battery consumption
  • Miscellanous kernel tweaks
  • Ondemand governor tweaks
  • Dalvik VM tweaks
  • Defragmentation of sqlite3 databases at each boot
  • Disable android-logger
  • Disable kernel Normalize Sleeper
  • Use strict minfree handlers
  • Flags blocks as non-rotational
  • Enable data_writeback for ext4 partitions for better i/o
  • Force GPU rendering on 2D operations
  • Improve multitasking by tweaking system task-killer
  • run Vacuum & Reindex at each boot to optimize sqlite
  • Use Adblock hosts to block in-app advertising
  • Improve External sdcard I/O performances
  • Zipalign all apk at each boot
  • Install Thunderbolt's s98system_tweaks
  • Tweak CPU and GPU tuning values
  • Tweak the behaviour of the Complete Fair Scheduler (cfs)
  • Tweak TCP buffers for better internet speed
  • Optimize all sqlite3 databases to increase speed of apps that use db

Build.prop Tweaks:

  • Better jpg image quality
  • Better camera recording quality
  • Lock launcher in memory
  • Battery savings
  • Disable kernel error checking
  • Dalvik VM tweaks
  • Faster scrolling
  • Better touch responsiveness
  • Faster browsing and download speed
  • Allow purgeable assets
  • Reduce dialing time
  • Misc 3G tweaks
  • Deeper sleep
  • Reduce black-screen time of proximity sensor after a call
  • Smoother video streaming
  • Faster wifi connect/disconnect
  • Overall smoothness improvements
  • Increase the size of VM heap

Enable and Disable Features:

  • Enable hardware video acceleration
  • Enable gpu UI rendering
  • Enable HSUPA
  • Enable JIT (Just In Time) Compiler for Dalvik vm
  • Enable surface dithering
  • Disable Boot-Animation (doesn't work on ics and +)
  • Disable usage-data sending
  • Disable volume buttons wake
  • Disable adb notification icon
  • Buttons backlight always enabled when screen on
  • 16bit Transparency

Extra Apps:

  • Install an alternative launcher: Apex Launcher & Nova Launcher
  • Install latest Solid Explorer
  • Install Adobe Flash Player for JB
  • Install Rom Toolbox Lite
  • Install Script Manager
  • Install Hulu+ hacked to work on any device (Both portrait & landscape version)

Additional Features:

  • Add support for OpenVPN connections
  • Install Awesome Beats Audio dsp manager for a greater sound experience
  • Install Adrenaline Boost Script
  • Install Sony Walkman suite : Music Player & Visualizer, Clearbass soundfx and Image Gallery & Editor
  • Install S-Voice, the famous app from Galaxy S3 hacked to work on any device
  • Install Touchwiz UX Launcher & Widgets (Weather & Dialer) from SGS3 hacked to work on any device

CM10 Themes:

  • Miui v4
  • Holo (white/blue/cyan/Tangerine)

CM9 Themes:

  • Blue Infinitum
  • Black Infinitum

Source: XDA


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