Project Ara

Hey! It’s Project Ara! We still remember that ambitious group of people who wanted to build a modular smartphone for the masses, right? Well, they’ve been a bit socially silent since Google I/O 2015. Furthermore, their schedule’s been all out of wack: Ara was supposed to have made its way to Puerto Rico around the time of now. Not to worry, though, as someone from Project Ara has taken to Twitter to update us on what’s coming up.

First, a “hello” out of nowhere after spending a lot of time “making stuff.”

The mystery tweeter informs us on a change in where the pilot Project Ara launch will be: the destination isn’t Puerto Rico anymore, but Puerto Ricans should stay tuned.

And then came a tease for more announcements coming next week. We’re also sensing a bit of marketing fishiness with these mentions of “#recalculating.” And also, rampant hashtag abuse.

As an FYI, Fairphone, another modular smartphone project, is pre-selling the Fairphone 2 right now. The company has a goal of 15,000 buyers before first shipments go out. It’s more than halfway there at the moment. Not to mention that it already had a first-gen product out the door before Ara ever made major mindshare.

For now, all that remains to tell you is that we’ll give you more when Project Ara does.

Source: Project Ara (Twitter)
Via: Engadget

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