Sundar Pichai is about to take the stage at Google I/O just a couple of hours from now, and right before the event, he decided to give Bloomberg Businessweek an interview. There is a lot to expect from Android tomorrow, and clearly Google knows that one of the companies that will keep an even closer look is Apple. We do remember Tim Cook’s various comments about Android at WWDC, and you’d be amazed at how respectful, humble and optimistic Pichai responded to each question.

Within the interview he was asked about how he sees Apple’s competition at the moment. To this he responded:

“Every piece of data I look at tells me that people are adopting Android at a faster pace than any other operating system. We are doing remarkably well… They run a great show. I take it for the value of the show… Do I worry about what they are doing? Yes. They are a great company. I think they are building a very good product and it’s vertically integrated, which helps them do certain things faster.”

 And his response to Tim Cook’s remarks that Android was a toxic hell stew were even more revealing, as Pichai said:

“It must be liberating [for Apple] to wake up and think about your device, your software, and hey, ‘I can even call the chipset guys and say what the chip should be,’” he says. “I have to think about building a platform and bringing as many people along on this journey and getting it right. I believe that ultimately it’s a more powerful approach, but it’s a lot more stressful as well.”

“You have to be careful when you make a $100,000 Mercedes car not to look at rest of automotive industry and make comments on it… We serve the entire breadth of the market, globally across all form factors, et cetera. Android from the ground up is designed to be very, very secure… History shows typically that malware is also targeted at the more popular operating system. So you know there is that.”

Pichai is definitely clear that Android’s approach is more complex, and still, it’s great to see how proud he is of how Google has addressed a bigger market in smarter way. Google I/O is rumored to give us a big push in wearables, TV, and obviously Android devices, so stay tuned to what gets announced tomorrow.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek 1, 2
Via: 9to5Mac

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