Many of my friends often consider me to be about 5 years ahead of everyone else in terms of the tech world.  With today’s release of Photoshop Touch for Android and iOS Smartphones, here’s another example.  Back in 2002 on July 17th, I was at Macworld with a number of industry experts as well as the new Photoshop product manager, John Nack who has since become a popular Adobe blogger.  I showed him Conduits Pocket Artist on my smartphone at the time.  I could open native PSD files, alter layers, perform channel operations, paint, adjust, etc… pretty much everything Photoshop 3 could do.  He asked why anybody would want to do that on a smartphone and I tried to explain how cool it would be to take a picture and instantly add text or graphics, make adjustments, and then share it with your friends and co-workers via email without having to go all the way back to your computer.  I suggested sharing photos via email since back then there were no mobile-friendly social networks for sharing pictures.  Today of course, there are plenty!

Have you tried the new Photoshop Touch on an iOS or Android Smartphone yet?  Or do you think image editing is still better suited to a larger screen?

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