“We live in an age where the only camera a person might own is the one bolted to the back of their phone.”

That phrase is one you’re likely to hear from us more often. We’re stepping up how we review smartphone cameras. If you caught our Real Camera Review of the Asus ZenFone Zoom, you’ll see we want to produce video reviews similar to how we might review a standalone camera. Determining whether a camera is “good” is more involved than just counting how many megapixels the sensor has.

Smartphones are increasingly providing users tools to control aspects like exposure, saturation, ISO, and offering higher quality output for editing. Any folks who might be unfamiliar with some of these composition and photography terms, this video is a primer to help introduce basic concepts for our future reviews.

JPG vs RAW https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=38s
Exposure https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=1m15s
Metering https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=1m50s
Saturation https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=2m27s
White Balance https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=2m49s
Shutter Speed https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=3m28s
ISO https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=4m
Sensor Size https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=4m30s
Aperture https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=5m16s
Depth of Field https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=5m55s
Bokeh https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=6m50s
Focal Length https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=7m22s
Aspect Ratio https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=8m11s
HDR https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=8m49s
Video https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=9m28s
Video Resolution https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=9m49s
Frame Rate https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=10m39s
Bit Rate https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=11m36s
Image Stabilization https://youtu.be/efJh608yZ1I?t=12m16s

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