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Phono: An Operator Widget for Android

By Anton D. Nagy October 9, 2010, 3:07 am

Looks like different times have different trends. We’ve lived to see times where people wanted to hide the Operator name on their mobile device and times where they wanted to change it so that it displayed anything else but the carrier name.

These days it looks like we want to have as much information handy as possible and when it comes to our operator, we need to know information about signal strength, operator name, data connection status and, of course, whether we’re roaming or not. Phono is a widget for Android which does all that. To quote the author, “it shows you operator, phonenumber, signal strenght (graphic and percent), data connection and if you are in roaming or not”. Phono is available in two flavors, both as a one-slot and a two-slot widget and it’s available in the Market for free.

(Via: XDA Developers)

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