There’s no two ways about it: the Nexus 6 is a big phone. The latest Nexus handset from Google is all about shaking up preconceptions about what sort of handset a Nexus model is supposed to be, and the Nexus 6 doesn’t just dial-up the pricing far outside the budget space the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 occupied, but also balloons the phone itself up from a 4.7-inch or 5-inch model to a 6-inch phablet. And both those changes are proving to be serious sticking points for a good number of heretofore Nexus fans. But to hear Google talk about it, the phablet-sized nature of the Nexus 6 isn’t that big a deal, and plenty of smartphone users will actually prefer a device this size, should they only find the opportunity to give it a spin.

So says Google’s Brian Rakowski, VP of Product Management for Android. He dismisses criticism of the Nexus 6’s size on two fronts, both by pointing to availability of the Nexus 5 as Google’s option for shoppers who reject larger handsets and making this point about the phablet actually being a very desirable device size: Rakowski claims that shoppers simply don’t realize how much they’d actually prefer phablet-sized models like the Nexus 6, saying, “if you gave them a phablet for a week, 50 percent of those would say they like it and not go back.”

That’s a bold claim, but clearly manufacturers are making phones like the Nexus 6 or iPhone 6 Plus for a reason. Still, if what Rakowski’s saying is true, couldn’t Google be shooting itself in the foot with the Nexus 6’s pricing? Surely, if all you need to “hook” a user on phablets is to get the device in his or her hand for a while, wouldn’t making the phone’s sticker price as low as possible help introduce far more users to phablet-sized handsets? At least that way, it’s easier to convince them to pay more for a larger device next time.

Source: CNET
Via: Droid Life

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