Don’t worry, you will be able to hide the OnePlus 6 notch… eventually

Do you hate the iPhone X-inspired “notch” look so many Android device manufacturers seem to be adopting without giving much thought to the actual user experience, feedback or software customizations meant to make the most of the added screen real estate? Outspoken OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei basically told us all to deal with it, and just “learn to love” this new trend that’s likely to spread rather than go away.

But Pei’s exclusive interview with The Verge wasn’t exactly well-received by his company’s hardcore fans, and an official tweet on the exec’s personal social media account may have been deleted precisely because of the negative reactions. Still, all the criticism was apparently duly noted, and since OnePlus “respects” customer feedback, the Chinese OEM is willing to give everyone a choice after all.

No, you won’t get to choose between a OnePlus 6 variant with a screen cutout and one swimming against the notch trend, but you will be able to “black out the background of the notifications and status bar” if you so desire. That way, the notch will basically be hidden, and everything is going to look more natural, although you’ll obviously also give up a little display real estate in the process.

In the words of CEO Pete Lau, you may not be able to experience the OnePlus 6 “using the full potential of the display.” By the way, Lau claims this black-out feature was “seriously considered in the early stages” of development, but back then, the company decided to focus all its time and resources on “delivering an exceptional full-screen experience.” That remains the primary goal, of course, but at some point after the commercial launch of the OP6, a software update will enable the notch-concealing functionality in an attempt to please everyone.

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