Anton thinks...

…they’re all good, and they all suck, at the same time. Wait, what? Let me explain! I am lucky to have a rather impressive collection of devices, mostly because of my addiction, and also because it just so happens that I do this for work. Lucky me, I can always opt for the perfect smartphone for every situation, knowing the pros and the cons of each.

You might not be so lucky. If you are, chances are you’re doing the same thing I am. Shuffling phones depending on what you do, where, and for how long.

I always choose the iPhone 5 when I go outside to shoot some pictures in bright, sunny outdoors, in the park, at the beach, in the mountains. It is also one of the most reliable options I can usually think of. Interestingly, things change when the clouds appear, in which case I’m bringing my Galaxy S 4. Great shooter! Pictures I really care about will always be snapped with the Nokia 808 PureView. That’s not even up for debate! Occasional party pictures taken in clubs or other poorly lit situations always make me take my Lumia 925 with me.

Oh, wait, it’s not just about photography! The Lumia 925 stays at home when I want to be connected with my friends (due to the way Facebook instant messages just suck on Windows Phone, not to mention the poor overall Facebook experience and lack of Google+). If I want to listen to music, via speakers or earbuds, like when on a train, plane, or car, I take the HTC One. When I need solid battery life, like when I’m at MWC in Barcelona or IFA in Berlin, the Note II is always my one and only option.


But, just like the saying about the best camera goes, being the one that you always have on you, a friend recently told me that “the perfect smartphone is the one which you happen to own”. That’s both true and not. I understand the meaning of being locked in a contract for years, just the same way I understand throwing large amounts of money on a device. I don’t agree with the statement, though. You deserve the perfect phone for your perfect money.

I’m just pissed that in 2013, almost at the end of it, there’s still no perfect phone out there to answer all needs (and we’re not getting into the performance discussion, as, luckily, at least that chapter can be closed. We could talk about screens though, storage, expansion options, but we’ll keep it short).

Maybe my expectations are too high, maybe I’ve been used to seeing only one side of the story, but if I’d be a regular person with a single phone option, I’d be a darn unhappy one.

Have you found your perfect phone? (No, not your dream phone! The perfect phone which you can buy today). What would you change about your current daily driver. Drop us a couple of lines!


“Anton Thinks” is a new series of short editorials — hence opinion pieces, and as such, as subjective as they can get — where raw thoughts are delivered to you straight, without the nice wrapping and packaging, without sparing anyone’s feelings. They’re based on personal perceptions of reality and printed out in the simplest form.

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