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…because Apple is either stubborn or too smart to bump the screen size in a world dominated by devices that have screens of 4.5 to as big as 6.3-inches (yes, that is, according to me, tablet territory, even though I have no problems using a tablet as a phone).

The HTC One mini and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini are the most representative devices for the “mini” category, even though they’re both larger than Apple’s flagship, the new iPhone 5S (and even the iPhone 5C, alongside the iPhone 5).

Is Apple incapable of releasing a larger display-packed phone? No! Is Apple stubborn? Maybe! Is Apple the only company to have a four-inch flagship phone? Pretty much yes! So what’s the deal here?

If you’re anything like me, which I really doubt, you have absolutely no problems with holding a tablet to your ear (and, on the same note, you couldn’t care less if people judge you while you talk on your camera). Still, when it comes to my daily driver, my preferred phone, I like nothing more than one-handed usability. I’m a big guy and I have rather large hands, but today’s phones are just a pain to use (one-handed operation; apparently, I’m not the only one).

You: "Dude, you're weird!" Me: "SOD off!!!"
You: “Dude, you’re weird!” Me: “SOD off!!!”

Apple really didn’t go with a larger screen on the iPhone 5 for the sake of size; they did it for the sake of aspect ratio. Now, they’re sticking to the form factor; that’s not to say they won’t release a larger iPhone next year, but, for the time being, the iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S, are the best “mini” phones money can buy. Whether you’re a lady (or a gent) with smaller hands, or you simply dislike “gigantophones”, Apple’s got the answer, and they couldn’t care less of your comments regarding the “small screen”


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