Pepsi phone? How about a Pepsi ‘line’ of Chinese phones and accessories?

From outlandish rumor to slightly more plausible gossip to officially confirmed information in just a few days. The bizarre-sounding Pepsi Phone sure moved fast, and apparently, there’s only one week to go before the mid-range 5.5-inch Android will go official in China, likely under the P1 name.

That suggests future Ps are possible, and indeed, PepsiCo told Reuters on Monday it intends to “market a line of mobile phones and accessories in China in the next few months.” The keyword there is obviously “line”, though the soft drinks connoisseur may want to wait and see if the P1 can attract an audience before releasing a P2.

As suspected, Pepsi doesn’t have the expertise, resources or an active interest in actually tackling the tricky device manufacturing business, merely looking to lend its respected brand to a low-profile Chinese ODM (original design manufacturer).

But unlike, say, Nokia, which partnered with Foxconn for the N1 tablet, and seeks other similar collaborations for 2016 phones, the Pepsi name really only matters in the beverage industry. As such, the initial goals are modest, with a rumored price tag of around $200, and no short-term global expansion plans.

Still, you have to wonder if yet another Google services-devoid Android with respectable but not remarkable specs like a Full HD screen, quad-core MT6592 CPU, 2GB RAM, 13MP cam, 3,000 mAh battery, 16GB storage, and fingerprint sensor can achieve even moderate success on Pepsi branding alone.

Source: Reuters

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