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Peloton rower to join bikes and treads, according to its app

By Anton D. Nagy August 23, 2021, 1:00 am
Peloton rower

Listen up, fitness aficionados and Peloton fans! A Peloton rower could soon join the bikes and treads in the line-up, according to recent code revealed from the Peloton app’s recent update.

A Peloton rower was in the headlines for years, but, aside from a recent job posting, there was little to no evidence to back it up. Now, with dismantling version 1.0.331270 of the official app, we get a confirmation on Peloton’s plans for a rower.

The app contains code, like the one below (more at the source link), which describes the four positions of a stroke. While brief and definitely needing more work, it is the best confirmation of a Peloton rower we’ve got so far.


This is the recover position of your stroke. Sit tall on the rower with your arms straight and your back upright. Your knees should be just above just above the ankles.

9to5Google also revealed that “Peloton is preparing an equivalent of the “scenic rides” bicycle feature for their rower“, but didn’t find anything specific related to the routes. The best guess is that it will include rivers and waterways from around the world.

As per the metrics that will be recorded, so far three were revealed: total strokes, your max stroke rate, and average stroke rate.

Source: 9to5Google


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