OnePlus is really launching a cryptocurrency of some sort on this April Fool’s Day. But for what reason is not exactly clear.

Company co-founder Carl Pei says that PeiCoin will let users “Get Peid” if they are OnePlus phone owners. There are very vague features to the infrastructure of the system such as:

  • Decentralized Community-Driven Blockchain
  • Instant No-Fee Transactions
  • Mining through OxygenOS
  • Open-Source Software
  • Deep Integration

From Pei’s forum post:

PeiCoin is simple to use and will eventually become accessible to all OnePlus users. In the coming weeks, select members of our community will be invited to participate in the download release of PeiCoin Wallet. From PeiCoin Wallet, users will be able to mine PeiCoin solo or in groups, request and send PeiCoin to other OnePlus users, and exchange PeiCoin for local currency.

People are encouraged to go to the PeiCoin site, click on the “Get Peid” button and retweet a message for a chance to get one of six PeiCoins.

Now, we don’t necessarily think that OnePlus wouldn’t take this effort wholly seriously outside of the spirit of April Fool’s, but this next passage should be a bit more telling as to what PeiCoin will really be for:

Why 6 coins? Well, we’re preparing for a 6-ccessful launch of PeiCoin… and paving the way for something else. What was it again? Oh right, the OnePlus 6.

Huawei’s developing a blockchain phone while OnePlus is tailing off the cryptocurrency craze for what we speculate could be a giveaway opportunity of some sort. Stay tuned.

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