Palm’s webOS – at least the webOS we knew and loved – is dead. Sure, LG’s picked up the platform for use in its smart TVs, and aspects the OS have lived on as they inspired devs working on current mobile platforms, but we’re never going to see another Pre, Veer, or Pixi. But while webOS itself may be fading into the background, the minds behind it continue to contribute to this industry, and we just got word of a couple big webOS names finding a new home with a smartwatch manufacturer, with Pebble hiring both Itai Vonshak and Liron Damir.

Vonshak and Damir both moved to LG after HP closed-up its webOS shop, and now they’re bringing their expertise to Pebble and smartwatches. Vonshak will lead the Pebble Product and UX group, while Damir takes the reins as Pebble’s Head of Design.

Pebble isn’t stopping with a couple high-profile hires, either, and the company is clear that it intends to continue growing its team, with the help of Vonshak and Damir in these leadership roles.

Considering that report we looked at last week about how smartwatches really need to differentiate themselves from the pack, Pebble may be on to something here with this focus on design and interfaces. With increased competition from Android Wear and the specter of the iWatch looming in the shadows, some fresh blood may be just what Pebble needs to stay relevant.

Source: Pebble

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