If you haven’t tried a Pebble smartwatch just yet, the company’s looking to introduce you to the world of wearable tech with a nice discount on this year’s color-screened Pebble Time, knocking $50 off the watch’s price. And while that’s a great offer, what if you’re already rocking a Pebble smartwatch – and specifically, one of the older models? Pebble hasn’t forgotten you, and a few months back during the warm days of summer the manufacturer promised that owners of the Pebble and Pebble Steel could look forward to a major update coming to their wearables before the end of the year, where they would get the new timeline interface from the Pebble Time. Well, it’s not ready just yet, but the good news is that Pebble’s still aiming for a 2015 release, with word that a beta is due next month.

That December ETA comes straight from Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky, who describes the release as an opt-in beta; users will be under no obligation to switch to the new software, but those who are curious to check out what all these Pebble Time users have been working with will be able to give the timeline interface a spin for themselves.

That we’re talking about a beta release, rather something a little more polished, is still a little frustrating, especially considering how long first-gen Pebble users have been waiting for this update. That said, this promises to breathe some new life into an aging wearable, and while we may hem and haw about how long things are taking, it’s quite good news that the release is coming at all.

Source: Wearable
Via: Mobile Syrup

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