We first got our hands on the Pebble smartwatch back in the spring of 2013, following the wearable’s crowdfunding campaign. About a year later, at CES 2014, we got our first look at the Pebble Steel, putting the old hardware in a shiny new package. This year Pebble took the next step forward in the evolution of its platform, introducing not just some revamped software but also its first color-screened smartwatch, the Pebble Time. You’d be forgiven for thinking you picked up on a pattern here with Pebble’s product cycles, and that we’d be getting a sleek, metal-bodied Pebble Time another year from now. Pebble’s simply not content to wait that long, and this morning announces the Pebble Time Steel.

Compared to the relationship between the first Pebble and the Pebble Steel, the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel are much more similar: the new Time Steel is pretty much the same size as the Time, except it’s a single millimeter thicker. That extra thickness ain’t for nothing, though, and as opposed to the seven-day battery life the Time boasts, the Time Steel claims more like ten days.

Just like the Pebble Time, the Time Steel protects its color display with Gorilla Glass and supports interchangeable bands – you’ll get both a leather and steel strap with your purchase. And the Pebble Time Steel will support the same third-party accessories that will be coming out thanks to the Pebble Time’s new support for such hardware.

Pebble’s returning to Kickstarter to fund the Time Steel, which will initially go for $250. Wait until it hits retail, and you’ll be paying $300. The wearable is on-target to ship beginning in July, two months behind the Pebble Time itself.

Source: Pebble

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