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Pebble Time custom skins arrive from dbrand

By Stephen Schenck July 6, 2015, 6:01 pm

The new color-screened Pebble Time has landed, and we’ve been spending the last few weeks covering the smartwatch’s arrival. The original Pebble (and Pebble Steel) already offered users a lot of customization options with the help of alternate watchfaces, and the debut of the color display with this generation only opens the door for more variety. Beyond that, you can always swap out the band for another 22mm option. But if even that’s not enough for you, and you crave further control over the way your smartwatch looks, dbrand may have just what you need, as it reveals its new modular skins for the Pebble Time.

The dbrand skins for the Pebble Time consist of three separate options: skins for the outer watch face, inner face (directly surrounding the screen), and the watch’s three hardware buttons. You’re free to skin one of these surfaces, all of them, or any combination between. The company’s skins include carbon fiber, matte, leather, and metallic finish styles, available in a variety of colors; there are even two wooden patterns, if that’s the look you’re going for.

Pricing is nice and low, as we would hope it would be for a smartwatch skin. The outer and inner face skins go for just $2 a pop, and the button package is another $1. And again, you can get as many or as few as you’d like, but even the whole shebang will only set you back $5.

Once the Pebble Time Steel arrives, dbrand plans to release a set of skins for that smartwatch, as well.

Source: dbrand

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