Time for a new Pebble Time? Mystery ‘treat’ coming from the smartwatch pioneer on May 24

Although Pebble’s hardcore fans seemed to relish the opportunity of once again throwing their weight behind a smartwatch prototype on Kickstarter early last year, many neutral observers of the wearable phenomenon felt the fundraiser was unnecessary and even somewhat tasteless.

The Time and Time Steel should really have been developed, mass-produced and distributed without the help of the actual buyers, and the “normal” release of the Time Round in the fall of 2015 did little to fix Pebble’s strategic mistake.

It’s all about perception at the end of the day, and after so much time spent raising money and investing in R&D and company growth, you no longer want to be perceived as a modest startup just getting by. Perhaps Pebble finally learned its lesson, though, skipping the crowd-funding phase for its next-gen smartwatch.

This could see daylight in a little under 24 hours, i.e. on May 24, at 10 AM ET, when Pebble promises to offer “all the juicy details” on… something. A “treat” worth sharing “with friends”, more specifically, which obviously could be anything from a new wearable device to a massive software update for existing products to smart straps capable of facilitating wrist payments, adding standalone GPS or extra battery life in the mix.

But clearly, the time is now for a Time sequel (or two) that can weather the upcoming storm of Android Wear 2.0-powered gadgets, as well as the highly anticipated, possibly untethered Apple Watch 2. Go big or go bust, Pebble!

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