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What does a smartwatch need to succeed in 2015? Is it a color screen? A digital crown? An intuitive UI? Or is it just the right brand name? We’re weighing those factors and more today as we take a look at the latest smartwatch from the people who effectively invented the category. Join us as we talk Pebble Time on the Pocketnow Weekly!

The news doesn’t stop at watches, of course, so we’re also covering all the haps from the week in mobile technology. From the iPad Pro to the 3D Nexus to a Samsung BlackBerry, we’re hitting all the rumors as we seek to suss out fact from fiction – and worthy from unworthy.

All that plus your listener mail on Pocketnow Weekly 153! It’s hissing steam and screeching hot, so we’re gonna throw the lever before we blow a boiler. Watch the video broadcast from 1:40pm Eastern on June 17 (click here for your local time), or check out the high-quality audio version dropped below. And don’t forget to shoot your listener mail to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air!


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Jo Harlow and Stephen Elop leave Microsoft

[Context: Charles Arthur / Ben Thompson (Twitter) / Avi Greengart (Twitter)]

AT&T gets slapped with proposed $100M fine for misleading customers about unlimited data






iOS 9 keyboard hints at a larger iPad in the works / iPad Pro resolution hinted at

Rumored new Nexus could get 3D camera

New low-res Moto X pics reinforce prior leaks

LG G4 Pro sounds like it could be decked out in metal

OnePlus 2 pricing rumors suggest no price hike in store

Sony Xperia Z4v coming to Verizon with QHD screen

Lumia camera leak hints at high-end hardware

BlackBerry Venice specs rumored as possible evidence of Android testing emerges

Amazon patent could unlock your smartphone with the shape of your ear

24 hours using the Galaxy S6 Active


Pebble Time Talk


pebble time smartwatch

After an unboxing and a 24-hour run-in period, Pocketnow’s Editorial Director sits down across the table from its Chief Chicagoan to get to the bottom of the great Pebble Time debate: red trim versus black. (Oh, and we’ll be talking about everything else surrounding Pebble’s latest smartwatch, too.)

Context: Pebble taps Best Buy for Pebble Time pre-orders

Intro: Air Traffic Controller, “Hurry Hurry”


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