Most new device launches go the same way: usually the press gets review units before they’re widely available, and we get to use them for a few days -or a week if we’re lucky- as we work on our review.

Then press day arrives. The embargo on media coverage lifts, and everyone posts their reviews and videos at the same time. It’s a huge frenzy, commenters go nuts, and it’s a giant explosion of frantic opinion-sharing activity.

For about … a day. And then it all goes away. Sure, there’s followup coverage as people find bugs and hidden features, but after that initial blast, not many people revisit the device to see how it feels a few months later, because everyone’s already focused on the next big deal coming down the pipe.

So let’s do something about that. Let’s see how we feel about devices when they’re not shiny and new anymore. This is After The Buzz.


We first saw Pebble Steel back at CES 2014 in January. Somewhat upset that Pebble hadn’t taken the last year to upgrade anything but the appearance, we weren’t sure if this new steel-clad Pebble was worth yet another $100 over its predecessor.

In February and March, we got the opportunity to give Pebble Steel a try for ourselves. Long story short, the aesthetics of a piece of technology that’s replacing a standard timepiece – or a piece of jewelry – matters. Who knew?

The real question is, now several months old, how is Pebble Steel faring? We’ve been wearing and using Pebble Steel each and every day since April. It’s gone through some software updates, the Android app is now available and fully functioning, and the hardware has certainly had its fair share of slams against tables, doors, and the like.

Watch our Pebble Steel review update in episode 34 of After The Buzz!

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