Pebble launches Happiness app, opens activity tracking algorithms to the public

There’s obviously a very close connection between one’s physical health and emotional stability, and while wearable and wellness pioneer Pebble doesn’t intend to read a user’s mind… yet, it wants you to better understand how “different environments and events impact your mood.”

It’s not going to be easy, and it might get a little annoying, but if you install the aptly titled Happiness app on the Time, Time Steel, or Time Round smartwatch, and answer a few simple questions every hour for a full week, you’ll receive an email report containing “deeper insights” into your feelings and energy levels.

Sounds somewhat pseudo-scientific, though even so, it’s probably worth a shot just for kicks. Meanwhile, Pebble continues on the interactive path we all know and love, doing something that’s apparently never been done. Namely, opening the “black box” of its internal Health development tools and activity tracking algorithms to the dev and researcher community for free expansion upon its offerings, output validation, and improvement recommendation.

This will make for “better products and stronger collaboration all around”, the goal being to move towards a “more transparent, comprehensive health development platform.” Time to get cracking, app builders!

Sources: Kickstarter, Pebble apps, Medium

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