The big news from Pebble’s CES announcement today was the new hardware: the debut of the metal-bodied Pebble Steel. That’s a great new option for users first trying out a Pebble, but the hardware’s only half of the equation; while it’s a lot less spotlight-grabbing, today was also about Pebble software.

We got to sit down with Eric Migicovsky, CEO of Pebble himself, to check out what’s happening on the software side. That means getting an early look at some of those new apps from companies partnering with Pebble (like we mentioned during the Steel announcement), as well as seeing some of the new functionality coming to both the Steel and the original Pebble as part of improved system software.

For a peek at those upcoming ESPN and Pandora apps, as well as a few others, sit back and watch our video below:

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