You can install one of the first adblockers on iOS 9 (though we’d prefer you didn’t)

It seems that the new version of Apple’s proprietary mobile operating system is doing the media consumer a solid and giving content creators hell at the same time by allowing ad blockers into the App Store and be run on your iPhone. One such app is called Peace, which you can grab at the link below. But before you do so, know that you’re not only blocking advertisements but also blocking tracking tags.

Peace works on Safari and Safari embeds. It can hide comment spaces and forms, external web fonts and even social tools. All of which, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of dragging along a slow internet connection, you’d get to see one item at a time load on a snail’s schedule. You have a whitelist available (if you decide to spend the $2.99 on the app, please put us on it!) as well as extensions for viewing non-Safari-compatible URLs in the Peace app, viewing any URL without restrictions and the ability to change Peace settings on the fly.

The app was developed by Accidental Tech Podcast host Marco Arment (who has coded the Overcast iOS podcast app) and runs on Ghostery software.

Download: App Store
Via: iMore

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