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PayPal Credit and Barclays can no longer be used to finance Apple purchases in UK

By Jules Wang April 24, 2018, 11:32 pm

If you’re in the United Kingdom and can’t afford the credit weight to finance your big Apple online purchase, you might consider alternatives as provided by said Apple. In this case, the company has supported financing direct from Barclays for purchases over £399 or PayPal Credit with checkouts of £99 or above. If users weren’t already partaking in those services, they could apply for it right then and there.

But as MacRumors found out today, those options are gone for mass consumers. Only institutional purchases made through the Education Finance Programme are still eligible for flexible payments.

The company offers a Barclaycard and Apple Rewards points to buyers in the United States. It has also worked with banks of select countries to finance EIPs for the iPhone Upgrade Program. However, it should be noted that checkout financing offers were removed from Apple Canada’s website last June.

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