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We keep getting more information concerning Apple’s AirTags. Now we get some information that could help understand possible applications for these devices and include some illustrations that explain how they would work.

We have received some rather interesting information that details the use of the upcoming AirTags. The guys over at Patently Apple found what is taken as a “master patent application from Apple, regarding their future Airtags product” at the US Patent & Trademark Office. This patent mentions more than just two size options, which were previously mentioned by leaker L0vetodream, and it also makes us believe that Apple has great plans for them in the future.

“Apple’s invention is about AirTags, a small, battery-powered tag, puck, or other object of convenient size and shape, that can be physically and/or geographically located using wireless communications systems and techniques. For example, a tag may include an antenna that emits a wireless signal or beacon that is detectable by another electronic device such as an iPhone.

“The tag may include a battery, sensors, a wireless communication system, and one or more output devices that can produce audible and/or haptic outputs. Localization functions may be provided by the wireless communication system, and in particular, by the tag sending wireless signals to other devices (e.g., smartphones, tablet computers, etc.) that analyze the wireless signals to determine the distance, position, location, and/or orientation of the tag with a high degree of accuracy.”

AirTags would also be used in different modes, including a “normal operation mode” that would conserve power and establish momentary or internment communications with other devices to confirm the tag’s location. A “lost mode” would be triggered if there’s an unexpected loss of communication between the tag and one or more devices, which may indicate that the device is not close to the user.

Images also show that the AirTags would also be used on a user body to monitor posture and track full-body motion, which would help control a game or record movement during a workout. Whatever the case, we will still have to wait for the new AirTags to launch, and rumors suggest that they may arrive in a rumored Apple event that may take place on November 17.

Source Patently Apple

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