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Some patents show us the possible design of the foldable Motorola RAZR

By Samuel Martinez January 21, 2019, 1:27 pm

Motorola used to be one of the biggest and greatest smartphone companies some years ago. One of its most popular devices was the Motorola RAZR, and it seems that the time is right to give this device new life, and a new perspective.

Foldable smartphones are becoming an everyday topic. Samsung, Huawei, LG, and more companies are racing to deliver the first foldable device this year, but Motorola is also preparing a new foldable device. We have heard rumors of a new foldable Motorola RAZR smartphone, but the details were scarce. We know that the phone was going to have a price close to the $1,500 range, but its design was a total mystery, until now. We now have seen some patent filings from Motorola. These patents show us a possible clamshell design that also includes an external display. The notch is also present, and this looks like an original RAZR V3 on steroids. The most important thing is whether this design will be appealing to its customers. How about you? Do you like this possible design?


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