iPhone devices have some of the best cameras in the market, but that also means that Apple is constantly improving in this department. Some believe that Apple could be getting ready to deliver a new iPhone with a periscope camera as soon as 2022, while others claim we will have to wait until 2023 to get this exciting feature. But now, it seems that Apple has found another problem, as using this technology may incur a patent infringement.

According to a report from The Elec, Apple may finally include periscope cameras in its 2023 iPhone models. However, the report also mentions that Cupertino is doesn’t want to get these periscope lenses from Samsung, as it’s allegedly looking for other suppliers. The problem is that Samsung has the best and most sophisticated technology in this department, which means that Apple may have to pay Samsung for licensing fees, or it will have to find another way to use this tech without having to face consequences.

“Samsung Electro-Mechanics will be excluded from Apple’s supply chain for folded zoom camera modules for iPhones launching in 2023, TheElec has learned.”
“Apple is planning to apply the technology for iPhones launching in 2023, but patents are getting in its way.”
“Samsung Electronics had secured the patents needed for the technology by acquiring Israel-based Corephotonix in 2019.”
“Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Jahwa Electronics, which are part of Samsung’s supply chain, also owns patents related to actuators used in folded zoom lens barrels.”
“Cupertino likely has its own workaround for the patents or will pay licensing fee to Samsung.”

Samsung already used this technology for the first in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, so it won’t be strange to see it appearing in more devices along the way. Let’s remember that the most important aspect of this periscope camera is that it is able to capture high brightness, high-resolution images in a small package. This means that the new system takes the light received by the sensor, and it redirects it through an optical axis to provide increased optical zoom and overall improvement in image quality while still being able to fit inside a smartphone.

The Elec mentions that this technology will be available for iPhone models in 2023, even though it previously suggested that we may get to see a folded telephoto lens supplied by Samsung in at least some of the 2022 iPhone models. Still, there’s plenty of time before any of those models arrive, so who knows what can happen.

Source The Elec

Via MacRumors

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