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Patent for RED Hydrogen envisions a modular smartphone-powered cinematic camera to the nth degree

By Jules Wang July 10, 2017, 8:41 pm

James Jannard is named as sole inventor of the “MODULAR DIGITAL CAMERA AND CELLULAR PHONE”. He’s also the person who started up sunglasses brand Oakley and RED, the high-amperage camera-maker. A patent he filed last year at the US Patent and Trademark Office has popped up with acceptance granted just last month.

The modular system that Jannard proposes here looks to be a complementary part of what he may launch with the RED Hydrogen Media Machine. Based on an analysis of the figures, it appears that multiple RED Hydrogen-like devices (each with a USB-C connection with the purposing of busing) can be attached to each other through a magnetic pin system with different I/O such as HDMI and other ports. Different accessories could be attached like camera grips, shoulder mounts, viewfinders, lenses and lens hoods.

All of it looks to be proprietary, but given how RED appeals to cash-endowed filmmakers who like to live on the bleeding edge, perhaps customer will be willing to ride along.

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