ParanoidAndroid ROM is Amazing (Video)

If you own or have ever used an Android tablet, you know that the same app will run differently on the tablet than it will on the phone. This is because each app has its own DPI setting that dictates the app’s behavior. In a lot of cases, tablet apps are better: they often present split-screened views, more controls, and more customization potential. What if you could run tablet apps on your phone? Better yet, what if you could selectively choose which apps run in tablet mode, and which apps in phone mode? Then you could have your email be shown in a super-productive split-column view, while your YouTube app stays one-column for maximum ease of use.

With a ROM called ParanoidAndroid, this is all possible. Not only can you specify which apps run in tablet mode and which in phone mode, but you can set the entire UI to run in either mode. As you can see in this video, when you run the UI in tablet mode, the notification bar is relocated to the bottom of the screen, placing it within easy reach especially if you have a tall screen.

Oh, and ParanoidAndroid is CM10-based, meaning it has all of the great features of CyanogenMod, plus it’s got a Jelly Bean core. So it’s fast!

You can install ParanoidAndroid through ClockworkMod Recovery. Below are download links:

HTC One X Galaxy Note Galaxy Nexus Galaxy S III

Device not listed above? Check XDA for your device’s dedicated forum…I’ve found ParanoidAndroid to support most popular devices.

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